Frequently Asked Questions ~ continued

Can I study by distance education?

Yes, some subjects are available to study by correspondence. A pre-requisite is employment
in a funeral business.

I am concerned about privacy issues relating to my workplace?

Each participant and trainer is required to sign a confidentiality agreement which respects all  information which may be shared and discussed during training.  In essence the rule is “what happens in trainings stays in training”.

Is Government funding available to assist with the cost of training?

Federal, Territory or State funding may be available depending on the status of the employee (new or existing), the level of the qualification, the State or Territory you live in, and the participant’s previous qualifications.  Employers should make their own enquiries regarding funding possibilities.


Tobin Brothers Funerals

Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA)

Australian Institute of Embalmers Pty Ltd (AIE)

Department of Education and Training