Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


What are RPL?
RPL  = Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL recognises what has already been learnt from other courses, work experience, life experience and training provided in the workplace.  It is a process of comparing demonstrable knowledge, skills and abilities with the performance criteria for relevant Certificate units.

If what has been learnt at work or elsewhere is relevant, it may not be necessary to complete certain units.

Who can apply for RPL?
Anyone can apply.

RPL should be applied for if prior learning and experience mean that evidence can be provided to demonstrate competence in the performance criteria (ie that the person can do the tasks required)

Why should I apply?

RPL recognises that staff have many existing skills.
Attaining an RPL means the Certificate may be completed more quickly, the work load will be lighter.
Staff will only complete modules which are new and challenging.

FIDA staff will guide the RPL process.  FIDA staff simplify this seemingly complex and
involved process by creating straightforward “user friendly” RPL templates which assess
multiple competencies using  minimum of jargon.  The templates are personalised and
relevant to each workplace.

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